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Creative Dialogue Tools

CDT is a suite of audio and production tools that work with Excel to help tackle the challenges of game dialogue creation; from script through to final QA. Developed and tested on over 300 titles, CDT has evolved into a robust and powerful must-have tool-set for anyone involved with dialogue for games.

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Designed by dialogue specialists
for dialogue specialists.

Transformative Technology

Streamlining Production – Enhancing Creativity – Saving Time – Saving Cost

Script Writing

Voice Recording


Production Analysis

Dialogue Editing

Zero Error Integration

Scheduling and Costing

LUFS Mastering



Increased Productivity

Titles using CDT


Headaches Avoided

Smiles Generated

Deponia Doomsday

Localised to English from the original German using CDT Localisation tools, analysis and recording tools, dialogue post, QA and Mastering tools.
Game of Thrones used Creative Dialogue Tools

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games' Series

Telltale Games were the first developer to use a prototype of the audio tools in 2005 when recording the voices for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures. The toolset was originally devised and designed to help out CDProjekt for The Witcher series.
Esper 2

Esper 2

Esper 2, had Nick Frost in the studio experiencing recording with CDT for the first time. Eric Meyers, the voice of Geoff was in the original Esper is an old hand with CDT and the Game Immersive Voice Recording methodology empowered by it.  CDT will be going fully VR soon driving the VR recording studio.


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